what are reborn dolls?

What Are Reborn Dolls?

What Are Reborn Dolls?

 Have you heard the term reborn doll (also referred to as real life baby dolls or lifelike dolls) and are wondering what are reborn dolls? This article answers the question what are reborn dolls? We will also help you to understand how they are made!

A reborn doll is specific type of doll that has been transformed by a reborn artist to resemble a human baby with as much realism as possible.  These dolls are either created from a pre-manufactured doll or put together from a kit.

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The Process of Creating a Reborn Doll 

The process of making a reborn doll is often referred to as ‘reborning’, reborn artists are called ‘reborners’. Reborning is an extremely time-consuming process, due to the numerous steps that are taken to make the doll look as realistic and lifelike as possible.  Artists can choose different brands to best suit the doll that they wish to create, the kits include vinyl doll parts.  This means that customers can choose dolls from reborn doll suppliers based on the model name and reborn sculptor name. Reborners then buy various other supplies separately, such as eyelashes, eyes, faces and weighting pellets.

The first step in the reborning process is taking the doll apart and removing the factory paint. Some reborners apply a blue colour wash to give the appearance of baby skin undertones. Multiple layers of paint are then used to build up a human skin effect. Dolls with lighter skin tones can take up to 30 layers before they are ready to be moved on to the next step. 

The next step is to add hair to the reborn baby doll. The hair is applied in one of three ways; painting, rooting/micro rooting or wiggling. Rooting is inserting 1-4 hairs per-plug and micro rooting is individually adding strands of hair. This can take up to 40 hours per-head.

Once the hair has been added to the baby, the original vinyl body is weighted with a soft stuffed body filled with weighted pellets, fine glass beads or fiberfill. The weight of the baby corresponds with its age to achieve a realistic effect. Various additions also can be added to give the doll an even more lifelike appearance. Reborn’s heads are often weighted, so that owners have to support the head like one would a real new-born. Purchasers can have magnets attached inside the mouth or head for attaching a dummy.

As you can tell, the process of reborning takes a significant amount of time, this is why the price of reborn baby dolls are higher than factory made dolls.

Who Buys Reborn Dolls?

We have a broad customer base that buy our dolls for various reasons in many different countries.  Many of our customers are doll collectors that appreciate the hard work that goes in to creating reborn dolls.  Some customers buy reborn dolls for their children, so that they can play with a more realistic baby doll. Reborn dolls also give comfort to people who have sadly lost or cannot have children. 

Interested in Purchasing a Reborn Doll?

If you would like to purchase your own reborn doll, you can browse Cherish Dolls, where you can choose from a wide range of reborn baby dolls all made with love by our reborners based in Leeds.  If you're looking for reborn baby girls, you can browse our favourites here


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