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Reborn Monkey - Chaz

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Reborn Monkey - Chaz
Reborn Monkey - Chaz

Gorgeous reborn monkey, Chaz is 17" in size and weighs approximately 3lbs. His head will need supporting when picked up as it will drop back just like a real babies would. Chaz is hand painted and covered in hand rooted black hair (hair not suitable for brushing, combing or washing due to the mohairs delicate nature, it is only lightly glued in and matts easily. Use a mohair conditioning spray and lightly style with fingers). Dressed in a cute outfit (will vary) with a nappy and magnetic dummy (strong earth magnets are used please take care around people with pace makers).

Hand painted with Genesis heat set paints and completed with matt varnish to seal. He has hand rooted black hair and hand rooted mohair fine eyelashes. Disc jointed limbs on a soft material body. The detailing is finished to a high standard.

All our reborn babies are handmade by us here at Cherish Dolls in our workshop. We offer affordable, gently reborned lifelike baby dolls, suitable for children and adults alike. Many people say reborns are not suitable for young children due to the delicate handling that they require. We have found that you should teach a child how to pick up and handle their reborn just as you would a real baby, as these are not like a regular high street doll.  

Please follow our care sheet included with each doll!

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